La Cofi Coworking

La Cofi is a coworking space located in the city of Asunción, Paraguay. We rent private offices, shared workspaces and meeting rooms

Our Services

Shared workspaces

Shared spaces are designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who wants to share workspaces with other professionals from different areas, and take advantage of the synergy that arises from working in a collaborative community.

Working in this way will generate great work and personal changes. It will be easier for you to focus, unleash your creativity, breathe new life into your project and make your ideas known to other people.

Private offices

If you have or are part of a small company, this space is for you.

Private offices are ideal for SMEs that want to have a little more privacy, but still generate networking and enjoy all the benefits of working at La Cofi.

They have a maximum capacity for 6 people.

Meeting rooms

This room is designed for meetings with clients, talks, trainings and even business breakfasts or intimate launches.

It has a capacity of 4 to 6 people depending on the layout of the furnishings. It has a projector and whiteboard.


Coworking is a new way of doing office work. Coworking in Asunción, Paraguay is a relatively new way of doing business. It’s no more than 5 years old. This work methodology is already on the rise in European and North American markets.

Working in a coworking space allows you to network with other colleagues from different fields, thus generating a synergy that does not occur in conventional offices. Coworkings are ideal for entrepreneurs, independent professionals and SMEs of all sectors.

At La Cofi we have different models that adapt to your needs. From shared spaces to private offices, we also have meeting rooms and rooms to give talks and trainings.

Some of the services of the Cofi Coworking:

High speed wifi

Coffee break area

Equipped kitchen

Relax zone

Document reception


Outdoor patio

Bathrooms with shower


Blackboards and projector


Bicycle parking

Coworking in Asunción

La Cofi is a coworking space in Asunción, Paraguay. We have shared spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and a room to give courses, talks, workshops and trainings.

All our plans include the services mentioned above such as Wi-Fi, cleaning service, equipped kitchen, bicycle parking, bathrooms with shower, among others.

The Cofi Coworking also has a business incubator plan, where we teach courses for entrepreneurs and advise StartUps to help them bring their ventures to life.